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Vehicle Wrap Magnets

“These magnets are super strong so I never worry about the panel shifting. They lay flat which makes cutting the backing paper much more precise and mistake-free.”

Justin Pate
Vehicle graphics expert installer and instructor

Get a grip on your graphics with this versatile magnet. Strong neodymium magnets with 25 lbs. pull keep graphics firmly in place. Reposition graphics quickly and easily throughout the application process, saving time and money. Each includes a Magnetic Shield™ to prevent unwanted attraction of tools during storage. Easy grip patented design (patent # 7183885).

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Vehicle Wrap Magnets - Box of 6 Red
Price: $45.00
Vehicle Wrap Magnets - Box of 6 Red
Vehicle Wrap Magnets - Box of 6 red magnets, includes non-scratch felt liners for extra cushion.
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